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For the last 1.5 decades, I have been obsessed with chasing gain, grit texture in my tone.  Intentionally voltage starving pedals, voltage doubling, modding, stacking, blending to get more -- pursuing & pushing the boundaries of heavy.

"More HM2 and/or gnarliest of fuzz depravity than you'll ever need, with ZERO noise when you stop playing AND it doesn't marmalize your chugs!" -Hamish K

All of that obsession is imbued into this pedal plug-in. I've never been completely satisfied with any one pedal or circuit, but I keep my favorites in my collection, as they all do something special, but BLOWN OUT WALLis the device I've always wanted to create: something new, while being completely moldable and capable to be tuned to be reminiscent of some of my all time favorite distortions, fuzzes & other high gain pedals.

Not for the faint of heart, first hearers of it describe BLOWN OUT WALL as being complete chaos -- "It's assaulting in a really, really good way
" ... "It's hard to explain because it mangles the tone HARD but somehow it's still Hifi", albeit an apparent contradiction, but is accurate.  It can do familiar tones as well, ie: BOSS®  HM-2™ flavors, from the original to boutique variants, voltage starved fuzz and beyond - Every gradient in between with a parallel mix knob to be able to add just the amount of grit you need to your original signal... or go fully to the WALL ...& through it.

Zero established circuits in this design. Reminiscent by intention, but no clone.
It looks like it sounds, and sounds like it's name... absolutely caustic beyond belief, a BLOWN OUT WALL  of sound.

I made this to pair with the II II II II, an add-on if you will.  It will also pair with any signal chain, amp sim placed after it.

Love distortion of all kinds?  Wish you could tweak, craft, mold, shape your ultra caustic distortion? This is the plug-in you need to absolutely punish your guitar, bass, synth signal.

*Note* Requires being placed before an amp sim as is it's intended use, like any guitar pedal would be. It is capable of 90+db of gain, so tailor the output for your selected amp sim.

No STANDLONE APP or EXE as it is for use in daw in tandem with Amp sims.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: BOSS® ROLAND® has no affiliation or association with Otto Audio, LLC and has not endorsed Blown Out Wall ™ in any way.