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The Lowest tuned Guitar Virtual Instrument

Now with 🔥Double Tracking🔥

Truly engineered to go LOWER than ever before in your productions.

Real double tracking, which features unique samples playing Left & Right stereo output at all times, never have any collapse to mono & no need for midi adjustments, all from 1 midi performance!
• Randomization technology + up to 16 round robins + 4x velocity layers= ultra realism
11 + 1 articulations:
Sustains, Chugs, Chugs Downpick, Pinch Harmonics, Bends, Tremolo Picking, FX, + a special MAASTA multi-articulation (includes Dead Mutes, Sustains, Chugs & Pinch Harmonics) and different types of guitar techniques for modern heavy music.

Walkthrough and sound demos featuring our II II II II amp sim

Trailer with sounds, articulation examples & full mix with our II II II II amp sim

All ready to go with VST3, AU, AAX Plugins for your DAW. No need for a plugin host or other library purchases or installations.

A bit about it:
Over the last few years, the Jazzmaster® Baritone guitar has grown in popularity, and a bit of infamy with it's "Antigua finish". Given Otto Audio's ethos of heavy, low, heavier, what better time to bring this to the forefront?
Say hello to your new go to, Djaa Maasta, for uniquely heavy tones in your mixes and tracks. This sampled Squier® Jazzmaster® Baritone was setup in C#1 Standard & then was tracked down all the way to F#0 --  That’s a chuggernaut of 22 steps down from E Std on a regular guitar... & 7 steps lower than the lowest tuned guitar sample library in the world!

Other Specs:

•Optimized sample library method while retaining HI-FI quality: most libraries are 30-50gb, Djaa Maasta is 8.5gb! Fast load times, saves hard drive space!

• Setup with Stringjoy® Bass VI strings 
• Mogami® Gold cable for highest possible fidelity, Low-Capacitance and Low-Series Resistance which results in improved frequency response. 
• Rupert Neve® RNDI® Box for ideal transient response preservation with no compression and perfectly phase centered 
• MIDAS® Preamps
All of this to obtain the highest quality RAW DI guitar signal from the Djaa Maasta
Based on the Squier® JazzMaster® Baritone with a 30" scale length

Supported in all DAW's
Licensing through iLok, no iLok usb needed (3 activations per purchase)
Mac: VST3, AU & AAX plug-in
PC: VST3 & AAX Plug-in
Windows (7+ 64-bit) and macOS (10.13 High Sierra or later) Natively supports Apple Silicon.
DJAA MAASTA full Specs

Up to 16x Round Robin Samples
Up to 4x Velocity Layers
Over 4 Octave Note range. Note Range: F#0 – A#4
Instrument spans the note range of a Low Tuned Bass, through to a Bass VI and up to
a high tuned Baritone
Professional Setup up Guitar with Dogiel Luthiers
Captured the Unique Single Coil Bridge Pickup Tone of this instrument
• Professionally de-noised each of the 18,232 samples to retain it's tone, without the all too common noise that comes with these hot single coil pickups. 
Keyswitching keys range A-1 – E1
Can also use the UACC protocol (CC32) for Articulation Switching
Pitch Bend Wheel – range from 1-12 semitones. Can set the Pitch Bend amount for string bends
Uses custom-built proprietary sampler framework (No need for 3rd party sampler
engine or additional installations.)

12 Articulations including:
Sustain Down/Up Picking
Sustain Downpick Only
Chugs Down/Up Picking
Chugs Downpick Only
Pinch Harmonic Bends
Pinch Harmonic Vibrato
Tremolo Picking
Fast Bends
Special FX
PLUS, Special multi articulation MAASTA (That includes Dead Mutes, Sustains, Chugs 
and Pinch Harmonics

Whatever your song is, this clock tower of tone will getcha heavies.