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II II II II is a quantum leap for heavy music & brutal tones in the box - an immersive high gain amp experience for the guitarist who is obsessed with distortion characteristics, detailed saturation & complex harmonics. II II II II reaches lower, punches harder & snarls more viciously than any other amp on the market. Extensive shootouts confirm that II II II II has elevated the bar. Complex harmonics, non-linearities and cascading gain stages produce unrivaled heavy tones that growl & feel as real as physical amps. Ideal for heavy music, down-tuning, baritones, extended scales, 6, 7, 8 & 9 string guitars. 

"If you've ever played some of the best high gain amps in person... this is that experience in your DAW."

AGGRESSIVE. RAW. LIMITLESS. II II II II allows you to go beyond all others.

The new standard of heavy is here.

Engineer your own signature tones with a wide-open moldable amp, absolutely packed with read-to-go presets.


Groundbreaking WIIIDTH™ effect - a blistering WALL OF SOUND double tracked effect, first of its kind in a heavy amp experience. Like playing through a finished record, it's the ultimate riff inspiring machine.  Allows you to hear what a part will sound like on a record, not to mention rip your head off at the right volume!  Sit in front of a wall of sound.  Primarily designed for riffing, but depending on the mix, you can use it in the mono/stereo setting. If you're noticing any phasing issues, simply use it in mono and then dual track as usual. 

Descending harmonics™ - a phrase we coined as a way of understanding in what is functioning in the ethereal. This is no EQ trick. Somewhere in the realm of undertones, descending harmonics reach lower, chug thicker and pronounce clearer than any other product on the market. Want a devastating, wall-of-sound that reaches & translates ültra low? We got you. Want unique hand crafted tones for your signature sound? Done. Standard mix tones with clarity? It can do all that and more.

Unrivaled realism - Many amp sims only sound good at one setting, or are limited in some way. II II II II gives you direct access to be able to dial in and fine tune the power amp settings, bias, power amp resonance, power voltage sag, feedback circuit, speaker load / impedance curves, & dimensional IRs. This thing is an amp tweaker’s dream, a premium amp in the box - You can truly create tones that have never been heard before anywhere. The permutation math is in the tens of thousands of tonal options, for truly original tweaked tone. Become your own boutique amp designer & create your signature sound with the II II II II amp!

Impedance curve selection - Marry your amp to your cab impulse with greater precision than ever before. This is a game changer in the field of guitar amps in the box - giving you the ability to shape the feel and reactivity of all other stages of the amp. Nine impedance curves included, ranging from scooped, balanced to mid and forward. 

Not another clone - While every amp has its roots in established circuit designs, II II II II is not confined to one lane or vibe of another brand. A quick trip scrolling through our built in presets will demonstrate you can get tones covering all the usual suspects & hi-gain amplifiers ... & beyond. II II II II is not a profiler, it is raw & elemental, like iron ore, ready to be molded into heavy metal.

Class AB circuit design - II II II II, in keeping with the greatest amps available, features multiple stages of cascading tube distortion, saturation & complex harmonics that results in the ultimate pursuit in heavy music: tones that are absolutely dripping.

Precise analog modeling with all the interactivity and non-linearities / imperfections of real tube amplifiers. Dynamic selectable EL34, 6L6, or KT88 power tube analog modeling at the push-pull stage, Dynamic 12AX7 triodes at the phase inverter & preamp stages.

Dimensional IRs™ - 22 hand selected cabs, every one being premium, album ready - no label necessary - by design forced to use your ears. Created with unorthodox techniques to achieve the utmost level of realism, the Otto method resulted from 3 years of exhaustive R & D. 

Wall of Gain - Want $12,000 worth of tweak-able, high gain amps for your studio? Save the space, your wallet & fill your tone stash with II II II II - It will replace what you currently reach for, no doubt when it comes to going heavier. The main section of this amp gives you full control of the foundation of your tone, 13 different selections provide thousands of amp tone permutations.

Amp Match presets - These are carefully tuned-by-ear approximations (not captures or profiles) done to show the extreme versatility of the II II II II. A lot of experience with these amps, amplifier knowledge, tone, texture & designs were taken into account when creating these. Great starting points to get close to a tone you have in your head ... and then go beyond.

Output circuit mod - Subtle, but very much there. Purple mode is standard for II II II II, yellow is the altered circuit. Another way to add flavor, specific opinion and decisions to your tone and it’s feel.

Overdrive section - Punish engages a tighter response and overdrive, adding even more saturation, +10db is a gain boost on top of the overdrive & + LOW is a low end boost in the overdrive circuit, instead of the usual cut.

Use your own IRs - Using an impulse response loader after II II II II will make your favorite IRs sound even better .. just flip “IR bypass” on the back and you’re ready to riff. 

Live use + FX LOOP - Use the II II II II live with real cabs with just your laptop, a usb interface & a clean power amp OR into the fx loop of your current amplifier. Without cabs, you can route directly into the PA with the built in IR's at ultra low latency!

A note from the engineer:

"Having my ears tuned by high end, high gain amps for nearly 15 years, I wanted to be able to sit in front of my studio monitors & reach for a plugin & feel the amp snarl at me the way my stereo rig does when playing through it. While there are some great products out there, all I have been able to get out of amp sims available on the market is the sound of a cab mic'd in another room being re-replicated through my speakers. I wanted to get closer. In a way, transforming my monitors into the speaker cab itself; sitting directly in front of a cranked rig. Born from a relentless pursuit of unique, growling tones and obsession with different distortion characteristics… I wanted something that can inspire, react & saturate like all of these hand wired tube amps I own with oversized transformers. True heavy metal. I have two thousand dollar amps sitting behind me in my studio, I need a good reason not to turn around and turn them on. II II II II does that at an unparalleled level. This provides truly specific and laser guided precision to the tone obsessed guitarist.. who can fine tune the slightest detail while writing, sessions, or in the process of mixing. Truly a leap forward to escape the box of printed tones. I look forward to hearing what others create. II II II II is the thing."

What's it called? The... 11,111,111 ? The Eleven Eleven? It's enigmatic. One play through it and you’ll know.

Available for MAC & PC - AU, VST3, AAX

STANDALONE APP - For live use, riffing without the need for a DAW

No iLok usb required!

FREE iLok License manager and account at iLok.com

Current version is 1.7.7 

II II II II amp sim was created in 2020, completed in early spring 2021, released May 2021. 
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