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*UPDATE to v2.0 - Included now is original 1.0 and NEW 2.0 highly refined for clarity, cut, smooth response, same massive lows with more control. Even more in your face than ever before.

In my experience, this cab is the best sounding cab with V30's in it I've ever heard or played through.  It's as if it was tuned specifically for down-tuned, heavy music, with it's resonances finely dialed for colossal HIT on every palm mute. My amps have never sounded fuller, with a louder punch and tight "chug" than through this cab.  With the DON'T SELL IR pack, I didn't quit until I captured the sound and feel of playing this cab in the room, standing in front it.  If you ever get this cab, Don't sell it.  It's that good.

RICH. FULL. DARK, one of the most sought after cabs in the world.


Otto Dontsell Cab Impulses are unofficial and unaffiliated, based on the Diezel™ 412 FV™ front-loaded straight cab loaded with Celestion™ Vintage 30's™

17 mics, 10 positions per mic - exhaustive and yet easy to navigate and find a great tone right away. 

50+ MIC MIXES (NEW!) - Finely dialed, tuned and tweaked to get riffing quick. Otto Mastering's touch on each of these.

Limitless Phase coherency - Every position and mic was phase aligned to perfection for blending with each other at any position, blending with other minimum phase cab IR's. Mix, match & stack for towers of tone without getting messy.

InteRvaled IR's ™ - I refused to stop with just accurate, or heavy - IR's must have clarity, articulation and sound pristine when playing power chords without congestion. Impact on chugs and separation when playing intervals is near top of the list of requirements when choosing a tone to play through or print to my session. How is this achieved?  Fine tuning every part of the process and playing/testing by ear, then hand selecting each.

Big Iron Transformed ™ - Power amps that imbue just the right amount of push, texture and harmonics are what make Otto IR's "secret sauce". Testing thoroughly 12 different power amps, I landed on the one that has "it".  

Analog Mojo signal path - You've heard it a million times, but there's a reason for it: analog gear just has that warmth, life and something extra that makes audio feel organic. 

In finality, most of all, to bear the name Otto, it must grip you and feel great to play; absolutely crush or it doesn't make the cut.  Every IR capture was tested and played through to ensure it hits you with a wave of aural violence coming out of your studio monitors.

Legal Disclaimer: Diezel ® amplification ® is unaffiliated with Otto Audio & has not licensed any intellectual property for use, nor have they endorsed or supported Otto Dontsell cab impulses or Otto Audio in any way. These impulse responses are unofficial and unaffiliated with both Diezel Amplification ® & Celestion ®All mics used and names are for identification only. All mic manufacturers are unaffiliated with Otto Audio and have not licensed any intellectual property for use, nor have they endorsed or supported Otto Dont'sell. or Otto Audio in any way. All trademarks and names are the property of their respective owners. Celestion ® speaker manufacturers, brands, names referenced are unaffiliated with Otto Audio, and have not licensed any intellectual property for use, nor have they endorsed or supported Otto Dontsell or  Otto Audio in any way.